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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Our commitment is to provide you the very best service for the very best price. With hard work and personal integrity we strive to provide the highest level of customer service in the industry. We take great pride in our commitment to serve you and would be honored if you give us the chance to prove our loyalty; no job is too big or too small. With a lot of landscaping companies in South Florida to choose from how do you know the one that you chose is adding the most value for your money.

My personal commit to you is to provide you the same attention and passion to your residential or commercial property as I do to my own home. My intention is to provide the most professional service and create and cultivate long-term relationships. We offer lawn care maintenance, landscaping installation, tree and shrub care, property management, debris removal and pressure washing from Broward County to the Palm Beaches.

Feature South Florida Plant - Amaranth
Plant Optimal Light Sun
Soil Moisture Water Drop
Native Yes
Growth Rate Fast
Mature Height 1-2'
Perennial n/a
When plants have grown, the upper third of the foliage takes on hot colors of red and yellow. Some cultivars have solidly yellow or red leaves above the green ones, whereas others have mixed colors. The color lasts from about midsummer to frost.

Winter Care for your yard

Maintain a beautiful yard this winter

The winter in Florida is considered the dry season or the fire season. Irrigation is a requirement to maintain that green yard through the dry season. The irrigation system needs to be monitored and set accurately. The system should allow enough water for a healthy lawn but prevent over watering. Water restrictions usually come into play this time of year. Some counties require rain sensors be installed to the irrigation system to monitor the rainfall. These sensors are intelligent enough to activate the irrigation system if needed or prevent it from activating when they are not. Water conservation is very important in Florida and following the rules is encouraged.

Using Florida’s native plants are recommended because they are draught tolerant and require substantially less water which can reduce water usage. We encourage as well as adhere to the water conservation efforts in the counties that we serve.

Winter Lawn Care

Spring clean for a healthy yard

Prepare these months for the busy summer

We recommend Aeration in the spring when the season is about to get underway. Aeration allows the roots to grow stronger by allowing more air to flow and allows deeper water penetration around the roots. Punching holes into your lawn will promote growth and reduce or eliminate the fungal invasions that can occur. Before the lawn is aerated, it should be watered well for two days. We suggested that aeration is avoided during the summer heat or the dry season.

It is time to prepare your residential or commercial property for the rainy season. Mulching should be done twice a year to keep the beds moist during the hot summer sun and reduce the weed growth. We suggest applying 4” of mulch in the spring and in the fall. The mulch will decompose and fade. Replenishing it will spruce up the curb appeal as well as provide a moisture barrier.

Trimming and Pruning trees should be done in the spring. With the start of the hurricane season in Florida approaching it is important to thin out and remove debris prior to the season.

Spring Yard Care

Summer care for you yard

Your yard with thrive with abundance of rain

The grass will be rapidly growing and will require cutting on a weekly basis. To promote strong roots the lawn should be cut using the industry standard of the one-third rule. The summer is the wet season and a good time to apply the second application of fertilizer. When the lawn is fertilized, it must be watered in so the fertilizer does not burn the grass. With the natural rain cycle this can normally be done with no additional watering requirements.

It’s a good time to fertilize the trees during the wet season too. The heavy rainfall will dissolve the fertilizer and maximize the nutrient intake during the wet season. The summer is the time to do your plant and landscaping installations. The rainy season will provide a more successful and easier watering in period. We encourage that all new plant installations are watered in for a 2 week period after they are installed. This will provide a higher success rate and an easier adaptation period by reducing the stress to the plants and encourage root growth.

Summer Yard Care

Fall lawn care

Mulch and Fertilize for a healthy lawn

The grass cutting season will slow down and will require less cutting around the end of October or November. With the winter around the corner, it is a good time to re-mulch all the beds. The rain fall will be less frequent and the extra layer of mulch will keep the moisture in and maximize your watering efforts through the dry season. It will also provide you that curb appeal.

The fall is the time to add the third and final installation of fertilizer. The fall application will require watering to allow it to penetrate the soil. With less rainfall, this will require the irrigation system or manual watering to break down the fertilizer.

Repair and fix the irrigation system so it is functioning correctly. The nozzles should be covering the right designated areas. The sprinkler heads should also be working correctly and pop up to the correct height to reach their intended areas.

Fall Lawn Care

Hurricane Season

Prepare your property for the heavy winds

Before the hurricane season is upon us in South Florida it is extremely important to have your trees trimmed, especially trees that have limbs near your residential or commercial property. Have your foliage thinned out so the wind can flow freely through the branches or palm fronds, decreasing the chance that trees or plants will be uprooted or badly damaged during high winds.

Arrange to cut back all trees and weak branches that could come in contact with buildings. Branches that hang over structures or driveways should be cut back in case tree limbs fall during a big storm or hurricane. If you have limbs near power lines call your utilities companies and request that they have them trimmed before the start of hurricane season.

Clean your property of any items that could pose a missile danger to you or your neighbors in hurricane force winds such as old lumber, broken lawn furniture and flower pots, etc… it should be placed curbside on your bulk waste collection day prior to a named storm.

Hurricane Yard Care


Florida is the destination for many migratory birds.

Florida is the destination for many migratory birds. By adding the correct features to your property you can encourage and provide food and shelter for those birds. People find it a delight to watch the wonders of nature right before your eyes. By providing specific species of plants and flowers along with artificial feeds and bird houses you can attract these species for viewing. Our team can assist you or provide you ideas to implement a plan or landscape features that encourage such wild life. There are simple low maintenance features that can be used to do this.

Florida Birds
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